Wedding film workshop atlanta

Do you feel like you can never get the shots
you need to create a stunning film?

Are you stuck at booking your lowest package?
(Did you know only booking your highest package
is equally as bad?)

Does the concept of time shifting still confuse you
or you feel like you just aren’t pulling it off well?

Are you showing up to a wedding day feeling like
you are not wanted there?

Do you spend a ton of money on ads and online
marketing, but brides and planners
still aren’t finding you?

Do you have trouble matching the color of
different cameras? Or trouble making your edits look
more polished and professional?

If you are here, that
means you are interested in elevating your wedding videography brand!

Jonathan and Kaye are a husband and wife team, who have elevated their brand through intentional steps and want to share their secrets with you! No matter where you are in your business, you can get better, attract better clients and help your business grow. It’s not something that changes over night, but through consistent efforts, your business will soar!

Tickets start at $249

This is a two day workshop (plus a bonus day drone class!) at the Avalon Hotel on December 17th – 18th.

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Your package options and potential ways to up-sell are profound!

I’ve spent the last 6 months playing with our packages with no success. You are a package wizard!

Dylan Vires

An Honest Conversation about…

Attract your Ideal Client
Up sells after the wedding
How to market in your area
What to Shoot

(and the gear we use)
Lighting placement and exposure
Crucial cinematic elements
How to utilize your time wisely
Editing layout, color grading
and cinematic hacks in post
Client Expectations
Audio Acquisition
Booking Process

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You’ve changed my ways of thinking and potentially my life, sir. Haha. Thanks.

Dan Smotz


Our Why

Jon and Kaye have been doing weddings together full time since 2013, learning from each other’s strengths (and weaknesses) along the way. The journey of learning how to be a professional wedding videographer can be a lonely one, and often it’s hard to know who to reach out to for help. We want to be there for those looking to better their knowledge and craft as well as those who just need a fresh jumpstart and inspiration to be the best they can be. All skill levels are welcome, and expect to learn what you can do in your business to elevate your brand, get the clients you want, and make more profits!

Since your advice on adjusting my pricing…I’ve booked 6 weddings all at the

middle and top prices [previously stuck at booking mostly my lowest package], and about to book another at the middle… Thanks again!

Scott Carroll

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